Invigorating Sweet Orange Soap
Invigorating Sweet Orange Soap
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Invigorating Sweet Orange Soap

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Save your favourite soap for yourself and feel the luxuriousness of our Sweet Orange Soap

A favourite of our customers, the sweet-smelling orange essential oil invigorates your nose whilst you cleanse the dirt from your face, hands and body.

The importance of a fresh citrus smell can't be underrated when talking about the invigorating nature of the first shower of the day. 

Waking up our body and preparing yourself to face the world outside means that you need to have a luxurious feeling soap that glides over your body with the soothing feel of the all-natural oils, projecting the aroma of an orange citrus orchard in springtime.

Our Sweet Orange Soap will save your day, every day and prepares you for what lies ahead.

Handcrafted in New Zealand.

Superpowers include:

  • Super hydrating 4 oil protection that hydrates and nourishes. 
  • Invigorate yourself with the sweet orange smell of a springtime citrus orchard
  • Luxuriate in the lather created thanks to the all-natural plant oils
  • The sweet-smelling aroma of its sweet orange essential oil


At SoapOman we definitely believe that less is more.

That's why we keep our ingredients natural and to the minimum.

We only use what we have to - nothing more and nothing less.

Our Sweet Orange Soap contains:

All soaps use Lye.  Lye is the ingredient that changes the Oils into a bar of soap.  Lye is made by combining Sodium Hydroxide (or Caustic Soda) in water before mixing with the oil.

The mixture is then left for up to 48hrs to allow the oil and lye to react and turn into soap.  At the end of the process, there is no lye left in the soap.

Please note: Ingredients are subject to change and customer should always check the packaging for the latest ingredient list.

For further information about any of the ingredients, please contact us at: