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The skin is the body's biggest organ and has several important functions including keeping moisture in and toxins out. What we put on our skin is very important as it is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream, so think of beauty products of food skin. Whatever you put on the outside ends up on the inside.

Better Sleep: Magnesium and lavender is one of the best natural sleep aids you will find. Several academic studies have shown that topical application of lavender essential oil is a very effective form of pain management and has a calming effect on the body and mind.

Relief of Muscle Pains and Aches: They can be for anything from restless leg syndrome, dry or itchy skin, relief of muscle cramps from exercise, to menstrual pain. The magnesium and kawakawa butter is best for aches and pains as it provides pain relief through relaxation of the muscles and also the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of the kawakawa.

For our Tamariki: These body butters are perfect for our precious kids. All Ama products are cruelty-free, which for us means they are family-approved instead of animal tested. Our girls love their nightly massage with the Magnesium & Lavender butter to help them wind down and relax. 

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